Agave zebra

This agave is from one of the hottest areas in North America, northwestern Sonora, Mexico in the Sierra del Viejo and the adjoining Sierra Aquituni Mountains. Along with maximum heat, A. zebra is a full sun-tolerant species. It gets up to 3 feet in diameter and somewhat taller and will tolerate temperatures to probably 15F. It makes a great potted specimen, but as you can see by the photo, a very nice landscape subject in appropriate areas (my front yard, Tucson, Arizona).

This specimen has been in the ground nearly 10 years and was a 3-4 year old plant at the time of planting. Flowering in agaves is somewhat dependent on conditions, and I suspect that in their native habitat, A. zebra live longer than 15 years.

The specific name, ’zebra’, refers to the cross-banding that occurs most prominently in full sun.