Caralluma * Hoodia * Fockea * Huernia
Pseudolithos * Rhaphionacme * Stapelia

Carrus09_w.jpg (40075 bytes) Caralluma russeliana Thick (up to 4 inches) light gray-green stems, mostly four or five angled, plants up to 24" tall with softball sized clusters of dark purple one inch flowers INCREDIBLE PLANT M
Focedu5788.JPG (74268 bytes) Fockea edulis Very thick underground roots that can be raised.  Grow them for a few years in a large pot before exposing them.  The stem growth is a vine that can be trellised above the blobs of roots. M
Hoodia juttae Light green spiny stems. M
Huethur6082.JPG (48519 bytes) Huernia thuretii Relatively short, stout stems.  Very compact plants with variable colored flowers, some with spots and markings and some without. M
Pseudolithos hybrid A likely cross between Pseudolithos quibiformis and Ps. miguirtinus. Nice looking quarter size plants. M
Stapast5796.JPG (132175 bytes) Stapeilia asterias Thin, upright stems to 8 inches or so, with very deep purple, star shaped flowers 4-5 inches in diameter.  Very nice!! M
Stapelia leendertzii Long, upright stems with very cool, deep cup-shaped dark purple flower.  This one really smells!! M
Tavaresia barkleyi  Clumping, very spiny stapeliad with really cool, vase shaped flowers, 2-3" long. M