Beaucarnia * Calibanus * Dasylirion * Hesperaloe * Manfreda

Beaucarnia guatemalense Taller bottle shaped stem than B. recurvata. Green wide flat leaves M
Bearec4559.JPG (133825 bytes) Beaucarnia recurvata Ponytail palm or bottle palm, thick base with long graceful flat green leaves M
Calibanus hookeri Symmetrical bulbous caudex, topped with grass-like leaves M
Hesfun4617.JPG (134290 bytes) Hesperaloe funifera Light green leaves that get to be 5 feet tall. Great bird plant when in flower. Cool Plant! M
Manfreda4554.JPG (132887 bytes) Manfreda sp. Smooth leaves with purple spots and spider-like flower to six feet.  Nice clumping clone. M