Deuterocohnia * Dyckia * Hechtia * Puya


Deuterocohnia chlorantha Dense mounds of less tiny rosettes; green flowers M
Dycmar3901.JPG (142092 bytes) Dyckia marnier-lapostollei Silver leaves; beautiful plant! L

Dyckia Hybrids

These Dyckia hybrids are progeny of hybrids made years ago by California nurseryman and plant breeder Bill Baker. The plants Bill used  are Dyckia 'Arizona' and Dyckia 'Brittle Star'.

Our crosses are characterized by beautiful color and striking teeth. They have beautiful orange/red flowers on 18 inch inflorescences in early spring. 

Individual rosettes will top out at less than 12" but clump with age to several feet across.



These Dyckias are all individual and each strikingly different. The plants range from maroon leaves with large white teeth to leaves with heavy silver flecking and large or very small teeth.   

gallon plants



Hectia montana Strongly toothed narrow leaved rosette; grey with reddish overtones.  Very dense grower from Sonora, Mexico. M