Gymnocactus * Gymnocalycium *Leuchtenbergia
Lobivia * Lophocereus* Malacocarpus

All Cacti are CITES Restricted Plants

The Cactus family is almost entirely of the new world, with only one or two species occurring in western Africa. Our plants are nursery grown from seed either from field collections, from our own hand-pollinated plants or seeds purchased from reputable dealers. All cacti have beautiful flowers, so we try to grow those that have a unique characteristic as well. Features such as spinelessness (Ariocarpus spp., Astrophytum asterias, etc.), long spines (Ferocactus rectispinus with arrow straight spines to 10 inches or more) to the densely white spined species (Mammillaria bocasana,, M. pectinifera,, Epithelantha micromeris) are the types that we specialize in.

The cacti, unless otherwise noted, are sized for a 3 to 4 inch pot, the higher priced plants being the slower growers (e.g. Ariocarpus fissuratus are 6 years old).

Larger specimens of various species are available. Please inquire.


Gymnocactus roseanus
Gymnocactus ysabellae
Gymnocalycium nidulans
Leupri4979.JPG (133955 bytes) Leuchtenbergia principis Agave-like plant with long papery spines
Leuchtenbergia principis X trachythele
Lobcaicap5035.JPG (123824 bytes) Lobivia cainanga capinota
Losc_mo_1.JPG (137818 bytes) Lophocereus: see Pachycereus Famous 'Totem Pole' cactus from Baja.  
Malsel5059.JPG (134921 bytes) Malacocarpus selowei Symmetrical many angled flat body with wooly top and yellow flowers.