These Collections offer those who may be unfamiliar with specific names an opportunity to obtain a representative selection, correctly labeled, at a savings over list prices. They are made up of plants of our choice, correctly labeled, with the selection changing according to supply. We attempt to make the Collections as varied as possible with highly desirable plants.



We offer ten separate Lithops Collections with each Collection containing 10 different, adult, flowering-size Lithops correctly labeled. Thus, you may continue to add to your Lithops at the collection price of $30.00 by ordering LITHOPS COLLECTION #1, #2, #3 etc. without receiving duplications. The availability of Lithops types changes, so please list substitute collection numbers when possible. Plants for collections are not listed but be assured all collections are chosen for variety of color and markings.


LITHOPS COLLECTION Specify collection # 1-10 when ordering. 
LIVING STONES  LITHOPS COLLECTION 100 different Lithops, including some rare ones, at a savings over catalog prices. 



MESEMB COLLECTION 10 different, showing the diverse forms characteristic of this popular group of flowering succulents. This Collection does not include Lithops
STARTER COLLECTION Get your plant hobby off to a good start. Plants in this collection are especially selected for easy care. Geared to the beginner, growing instructions included. 7 different species
SUCCULENT COLLECTION 10 different plants chosen to appeal to those interested in a wide variety of plants. Includes other succulents, as well as some Lithops and Mesembs.
AGAVE COLLECTION 6 Species of this New World family. Beautiful plants!
ALOE COLLECTION 6 Plants of this mostly African group of succulents including some of the best miniatures and tree forms. Plants in this collection are all from Africa.
CACTUS COLLECTION 10 types of this New World family of plants with particular emphasis on nice form as well as beautiful flowers
CHEIRIDOPSIS COLLECTION 7 different types of this choice, easy to grow, easy to flower genus
CONOPHYTUM COLLECTION 7 different species of this neat little 'marble' Mesemb
EUPHORBIA COLLECTION 6 species of this popular and variable genus; we like the globular and medusa-heads best. Plants in this collection are all from Africa.
FAUCARIA COLLECTION 7 different "Tiger Jaws"
HAWORTHIA COLLECTION 7 species of this vigorous group of miniature rosettes
SONORAN DESERT CACTUS AND AGAVE COLLECTION 10 Plants are included in this collection, all from the Sonoran Desert. It includes a mix of cacti and agaves from this desert region, all chosen for beauty and ease of growth
MAMMILLARIA COLLECTION 10 different 'mams' in this collection. You will receive a nice variety.
CHIHUAHUAN DESERT CACTUS COLLECTION 10 species from the Chihuahuan Desert (S. Texas and N. Mexico).  The plants in this collection are chosen for their beauty, incredible flowers and ease of growth.