Crassula * Kalanchoe * Tacitus * Sempervivum

Crafal4051.JPG (124372 bytes) Crassula falcata Thick, blue-green flat leaves with clusters of red flowers. M
Cralyc4068.JPG (134246 bytes) Crassula lycopodioides 'Watch Chain Crassula'  Tiny leaves stacked on top of each other to look like green chain. M
Kal-sp4076.JPG (129636 bytes) Kalanchoe sp. "Mother of thousands."  All those little plantlets can grow!! M
Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri

'donkey ears'

4" long light green leaves speckled with maroon dots. Very glaucous single plantlets form on the leaf tip. M
Semara4081.jpg (135857 bytes) Sempervivum arachnoides Echeveria look-alike (small leaved rosette), covered with hair-like filiments. M