Cycas * Dioon * Zamia

All Cycads are CITES Restricted Plants

Cycads are not true succulent plants, but those listed are adapted to arid conditions and perform quite well under general succulent care. Cycads are similar in appearance to palms, but are unrelated to them. They usually produce a crown of new leaves annually, and mature plants produce a male or female cone every year or two.


Cycas debaoensis NEW!  Recently discovered in the Debao region of Guangxi, China.  It is one of a very few species of Cycad that has bi-pinnate leaves, giving it a very fern-like appearance.  This is one of the first offerings of the plant.  It was discovered in the mid 1990's.  I don't know from experience, but it is thought this this species is somewhat cold tolerant.  Maybe high 20's?? M
Cycas pectinata South Asian species. This is a fast growing medium to large cycad. M
Cycas petrea Glaucous green leaves with smooth, swollen base. Likes well drained soil. From Thailand. L
Cycas siamensis Arborescent stems with red-brown tomentum at the leaf base. Leaves are annually deciduous, and plants need well drained soil. From Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam. L
Dioon edule Beautiful, globular stem with blue-green leaves. 'Palma de la Virgen' XL
Dioon edule fm. Palma Sola Like type with leaves keeled and overlapping leaflets on upper half of leaf. XL
Dioon edule fm. Rio Verde Like type with slightly arching leaves. L
Dioon mejiae Similar to D. spinulosum, but with soft hairs on the leaf underside. XL
Dioon merolae Blue-green overlapping leaflets; beautiful plant. XL
Dioon spinulosum Mature leaves over four feet long. Beautiful plant XL
Zamia furfuracea, 'Cardboard Palm' New leaves are soft and velvety, but stiffen to feel like cardboard M