This genus in the Lily family consists of plants similar in vegetative appearance to aloes, but much smaller. Because of their small size, they are ideal subjects for growing in limited space. They have distinctive leaf forms and markings and are freely flowering. The plants that we offer are rooted offsets.


Hawangden5774.JPG (132737 bytes) Haworthia angustifolia v. denticulifera Looks like a sea creature M
Hawarach5612.JPG (125380 bytes) Haworthia arachnoidea Clustering rosettes, light green in color with tinges of red and small teeth along leaf margins M
Hawariari5593.JPG (132806 bytes) Haworthia aristata aristata M
Hawattenbritt5713.JPG (130925 bytes) Haworthia attenuata  A rapid clumping plant with strong white stripes on back of leaf M
Hawattenvar5617.JPG (126908 bytes) Haworthia attenuata f. variegata A variegated clone; has irregular yellowish-white streaks on leaves M
Hawcoarccoarc5609.JPG (61194 bytes) Haworthia coarctata v. coarctata Dark green leaves; rows of white spots on leaf margin. Long stemmed Haworthia M
Hawcymplan5667.JPG (130719 bytes) Haworthia cymbiformis fm. planifolia Flat rosettes with lime green leaves M
Hawcymtrans5630.JPG (130076 bytes) Haworthia cymbiformis v. translucens Beautiful fat rounded leaves with transparent tips; little sausage like fat leaves a must have Haworthia! M
Hawglaujac5663.JPG (61495 bytes) Haworthia glauca f. jacobseniana Tall, columnar growing Haworthia. Green-purple leaves, real nice M
Hawherb5614.JPG (136923 bytes) Haworthia  herbacea A miniature rosette, nice compact Haworthia M
Hawlim5623.JPG (140020 bytes) Haworthia limifolia Beautiful symmetrical lines around entire leaf surface M
Hawlongibract5718.JPG (133137 bytes) Haworthia longibracteata M
Hawmagatro5697.JPG (130746 bytes) Haworthia magnifica v. atrofusca From Spitekop. M
Hawmagmaj5633.JPG (138885 bytes) Haworthia magnifica v. major As the name implies a nice little plant M
Hawmaraisii-par5596.JPG (138375 bytes) Haworthia maraisii v. paradoxa M
Hawnigelo5736.JPG (128461 bytes) Haworthia nigra v. elongata M
Hawnignig5670.JPG (131322 bytes) Haworthia nigra v. nigra M
Hawrad5691.JPG (130735 bytes) Haworthia radula Agave-like growth, leaves 3-5" long M
Haworthia reinwardtii M
Hawreinkaff5683.JPG (132676 bytes) Haworthia reinwardtii f. Kaffirdriftensis Stout stems, green leaves covered with white spots M
Hawres5636.JPG (56030 bytes) Haworthia resedula M
Hawretacu5687.JPG (131152 bytes) Haworthia reticulata v. acu???? M
Hawrub-brun5689.JPG (65775 bytes) Haworthia rubrobrunnea M
Haworthia scabra v. maraisii Nice miniature agave look alike with tiny warts on leaf surfaces M
Hawten-smooth5605.JPG (133866 bytes) Haworthia tenuifolia f. smooth leaf M
Hawtort5693.JPG (122764 bytes) Haworthia tortuosa Stacks of green triangular leaves on upright stems M
Hawtrunc5730.JPG (122626 bytes) Haworthia truncata Rows of blunt leaves. 'Horses teeth' M
Hawtru-Lime5705.JPG (144359 bytes) Haworthia truncata f. Lime Green Like H. truncata only very lime green bodies. It seems to clump faster than typical H. truncata. M
Hawturg5709.JPG (144163 bytes) Haworthia turgida M
Hawubom5762.JPG (143732 bytes) Haworthia ubomboensis One of the easiest Haworthias to grow, an agave look-a-like M
Hawvar5602.JPG (138220 bytes) Haworthia variegata M
Hawventes5675.JPG (124211 bytes) Haworthia venosa ssp. tessellata Beautiful 'alligator-skin'-like markings; showy plant M
Hawvis5695.JPG (134786 bytes) Haworthia viscosa Like H. nigra with smooth leaf surface. Makes large clumps of small elongated rosettes. M
Hawvis-Stark5665.JPG (127401 bytes) Haworthia viscosa f. Starkiana Nice twisting  H.viscosa form with light green smooth leaves. M
HAWORTHIA COLLECTION 7 species of this vigorous group of miniatures. Good deal!