All Pachypodiums are CITES Restricted Plants


Pabr_flr1.JPG (143498 bytes) Pachypodium brevicaule Short, thick stems with clear yellow flowers.  This is probably the most different species in the genus and arguably the best.  S
Pachypodium geayi Madagascar palm', long gray-green leaves with pink mid-stripe M
Pachypodium horombense  Fat plant with yellow cup shaped flowers  M
Paclam4413.JPG (130569 bytes) Pachypodium lamerei 'Madagascar palm', long glossy green leaves M
Pacnam5785.JPG (129993 bytes) Pachypodium namaquanum A very beautiful, single stemmed species, with a unique brownish/ purple flower at a young age (ca. 5 years) and a small size (ca. 10 inches). Still uncommon in the trade.  Check for larger sizes. M
Paro_gr_flr_cu.JPG (157159 bytes) Pachypodium rosulatum v. gracilus Densely branched species with short, thick stems and clear yellow flowers on 10 to 12 inch pedicel S
Pachrut4400.JPG (131677 bytes) Pachypodium rutenbergianum Tall thin stem with fat base and short fat spines M
Pasa_flr_cu1.JPG (119712 bytes) Pachypodium saundersii Numerous spiny stems emerging from a central caudex; white flowers uniquely in the fall M
Pachypodium succulentum From the southern Cape area of S. Africa.  Spiny thin stems with white flowers with a pink mid-strip.  Most of plant bulk is underground. S