Please note: these bulbs are best shipped dormant. We will ship our summer dormant winter growing bulbs June first through September 15th


Albuca namaquensis Upright leaves with tip curl and hairs along the leaf margin S
Albuca spiralis? Spiral leafed Albuca, may or may not be the true species but nice. Flowers white with green stripe. S
Boophane disticha Large papery bulb above ground with many strap-shaped leaves in two ranks during winter. Deciduous. S
Fercri04_w.jpg (59784 bytes) Ferraria crispa One of the coolest flowers you will ever see. Green and brown, fringed, and with an intense sweet fragrance. S
Habranthus brachyandrus Rain lily, pink flowers S
Lachalo02_w.jpg (61204 bytes) Lachenalia aloides v. quadricolor Cape hyacinth. Spike of red-yellow-orange flowers, showy and easy to grow. Lachenalia bulbs are fleshy and should be potted upon arrival and stored in soil when dormant S
Lachenalia02.jpg (52828 bytes) Lachenalia aloides yellow form Like above but with pure bright yellow flowers. (Probably an interspecific hybrid) S
Muscari sp.  Grape hyacinth S
Ornithogalum bulbosum Pregnant onion. Get one and soon you will have an entire family M